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As you undoubtedly realize by now, I have another website, Narcissism-Addictions-Abuse, which has a number of articles posted on it which may or may not be of interest to you. But if you're inclined to quickly write it off, perhaps you want to first consider that you've been the victim of the abuse of a narcissist without even realizing that this has been your reality.

The narcissistic are apt to engage in more subtle forms of abuse than those whom we're apt to envision when thinking about domestic violence cases. The narcissistic are likely to engage in what might be considered verbal abuse, emotional abuse, or psychological abuse as well as economic abuse and sexual abuse. Since your partner may be financially and professionally successful and seen as charming by everyone he meets (most narcissists are men, by the way), it may be difficult to open your eyes to your true reality. Then again, it may be difficult to get others to hear you out when you try to tell the truth about your bad marriage or abusive relationship--full of what Dr. Phil would label as deal-breakers.

So, to realize that you are not crazy or just being over-sensitive as your partner perhaps has accused you of being, go ahead now and visit Narcissism-Addictions-Abuse .