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If you're looking for self-help books to read about codependency as well as how to become codependent-no-more through personal development and spiritual growth, I no longer list any myself. But what I would suggest is that you go to Amazon and search on the topic of codependency (or spirituality, if that is now more your interest, for example). See what books rank highest for sales in that category. Read some of the reviews for those books. Which books now seem to speak to you or grab your attention? Focus on them, as well as check out the others books people who bought those books typically purchased. You should be able to discover some good books this way. At least, I know I have.

Let me offer a word of caution as you begin on this new journey, though. Remember, it typically isn't going to be enough to read one book on the topic at hand. You'll want to read at least several. After all, different authors emphasize different things. Speaking as a self-help author (my publisher is now an imprint of Simon and Schuster, and so I am on their author list), we can not put everything you might want to know into one book or on one website. Furthermore, as you progress on your journey of healing, you needs will change. Hence, different books will become more appealing.

But hey, it can be rather exciting to read all these books, too. I know I found it that way when I was on my journey of healing through personal development and spiritual growth. I certainly hope it proves to be that way for you, too!