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This is something from Google whereby you can post comments as you might in the comment section of a blog. It is not a live chat. You will have to return to see if people responded to your comments or something you asked about, too.

To ensure this is helpful to people and not hurtful, please abide by a basic ground rule if you elect to post in response to another: Treat others posting as you'd like to be treated. So, if you disagree with someone, politely beg to differ, and then make your own point without attacking the other person. And please, avoid any language that others might find offensive in either responding to others or sharing your own story.

Since I am about helping people to improve their relationships through such means as respectful communication, let's try and ensure that the discussion here models that. That said, I indeed hope that this works out well, and you all come to benefit from what each other has to say.


Dr. Diane England